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Electro-Smog Protection

by SerSu Essences

Item code: SERESP15

Electro-Smog Protection 15ml

SerSu Essences Electro Smog Protection is recommended for people affected by twenty-first century technology.

Made from moonlight cyclamen essence in vitalised water, this spray is for those who are negatively affected by electro magnetic frequencies (EMFs). In highly charged situations both indoors and outdoors, it absorbed through the skin and stimulates the body to cope with the unbalancing effect of EMFs and return to a natural state of balance and strength.

Recommended for people affected by:

  • Mobile and cordless phones, computer screens
  • Electromagnetic fields, microwave technology, wireless networks
  • High tech medical equipment in hospitals
  • Security devices in airports and air travel
  • Network transmitters, TETRA & 3G masts
  • Pylons, power lines, electricity sub-stations
  • Static electricity, all forms of artificial lighting

Item Code & Description
SERESP15 - 1 x 15ml Spray
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SERESP100 - 1 x 100ml Spray
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