FAQ - Sac-Lac & Tablets

What is Sac-lac?

Sac-lac, or saccharum lactis, are blank sucrose or lactose pillules or tablets which have not yet been medicated. Our Sac-lac is prepared to quality control standards for medicinal use. Unfortunately it is not currently possible to source an organic variety.

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What is the difference between sucrose and lactose pillules/tablets?

Sucrose pillules are pure sucrose with a small amount of corn starch which acts as a binding agent. Pure lactose tablets are made from milk sugar with a small amount of binder-gum Arabic. We also stock lactose/sucrose tablets, which are harder than pure lactose.

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Do you sell sugar free pillules?

Yes, we also sell Xylitol pillules, a sugar alcohol gained by the hydrogenation of the sugar xylose. It is widely used as a tooth-friendly sugar alternative.

NB: Sugar alcohol is not the same as ethanol, the alcohol used in alcoholic beverages, and does not affect the body in the same way.

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What size/type pillule or tablet do I need?

Your choice of pillule or tablet size is simply a matter of preference. Some practitioners like using larger pillules while others prefer to use smaller ones, especially if they are creating a first aid kit.

Our most commonly purchased pillules is the SL56, this is the same sized pillule as used in the Helios Homeopathy Kits and Remedies.

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