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Sucrose Pillules, 3mm diameter

Item code: SL56

Sucrose Pillules, 3mm diameter
Sucrose Pillules, 3mm diameter SL56 Table
  • 3mm diameter
  • Medicinal grade
  • Lactose free
  • Sucrose pillules

Round sugar balls made from sucrose prepared to quality control standards for medicinal use. These pillules do not contain lactose. It’s not currently possible to source an organic variety.

Want to know how many bottles you can fill? Check the table

Item Code & Description
Cost per 250g
SL56 - 250g
in stock
£ 8.52
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SL56A - 500g
in stock
£ 12.78
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SL56B - 1kg
in stock
£ 21.26
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SL56C - 4kg
in stock
£ 56.70
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SL56D - 8kg
in stock
£ 102.06
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SL56E - 20kg
in stock
£ 226.80
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