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Pack of White Envelopes

Item code: WM1

Manilla envelope
Manilla envelope Manilla envelope

White recycled paper envelope 50mm square with a long opening flap to close the envelope by tucking behind the bottom flap. No glue edge so the envelope can be opened and closed easily. Designed for giving out one or two doses; can be used to dispense powder.

Available in packs of 100, 300, 1000 or 2000.

Item Code & Description
Cost per 100
WM1-1 - 100 x Envelopes
in stock
£ 7.04
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WM1A - 300 x Envelope
in stock
£ 13.70
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WM1B - 1000 x Envelope
in stock
£ 36.54
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WM1C - 2000 x Envelope
in stock
£ 60.90
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