Sarah McCrum


Love Money, Money Loves You by Sarah McCrum

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What sort of relationship do you have with money?

  • Do you have to "work" hard or does it come easily?
  • Do you see it as a finite resource or is it expanding like the universe?
  • Do you see it as "a power for good" or the "root of all evil?

This book came out of the author sitting down one day and asking the question "if money could talk to me what would it tell me?"

The answer was simply " love me, smile at me, collect me, enjoy me "When I read the book it struck me that it was actually an instruction manual for life.

Focus on what you love about life and you get more of what you love. Focus on whatever is lacking in your life and you simply experience more lack.

Its all about using the power of gratitude and feeling good to manifest good experiences.When things aren't going well its simply a message to change your focus.