Mohdoh Slim

Slim is a powerful, natural therapeutic product that combines the proven elements; aromatherapy and colour therapy to create an extremely effective aid to those people requiring help to lose weight.

How it works:

  • As the Slim dough is moulded, the carefully selected essential oils are vaporised and inhaled increasing the bodies? metabolic rate and ability to burn calories effectively.
  • At the same time, the specially selected blue colour of Slim helps to alleviate the anxiety associated with dieting and has been proven to reduce appetite.
  • Moulding the dough also keeps your hands and mind occupied, reducing your urge to raid the fridge.*

*To be used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet.

Instructions for use:

Mohdoh should be moulded for between 5-10 minutes at a time in order for the benefits to be experienced. After use, mohdoh should be returned to its pot and stored in a cool, dark place.

These unique, therapeutic elements combine to form a powerful, holistic therapy that really works.

Slim is 100% non toxic, fully complies with EN71 safety legislation and uses only the purest natural essential oils. Slim will last for approx 3 months from opening.