Incognito Natural Crystal Deodorant

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  • 100% natural
  • Fresh citrus fragrance
  • Non sticky

Fabulous new incognito citronella deodorant. 100% natural. This is the first time ever a crystal stick has been able to contain an essential oil; rare Java citronella, making this a highly effective body odour mask.

Significantly reduce your attractiveness to all insects. Long lasting and non-sticky with a fresh, citrus fragrance, incognito citronella deodorant is the first alum crystal to be infused with an essential oil.

Like all our products, it is made from all natural ingredients and smells great.Use in conjunction with incognito anti-mosquito spray for an unprecedented level of natural protection from biting and stinging insects.Safe for all the family. Moisten before use

Ingredients: Natural mineral salts (alum), Citronella, Aqua