Michael Leitner


DVD - We don't vaccinate by Michael Leitner

We Don't Vaccinate' - at last a documentary that tackles the issue of vaccination full on. The presentation style is to be commended and the information and facts are put across sensitively in a calm and straight forward manner. The subject of vaccination is enormous - this film highlights some of the main concerns which should lead the viewer to delve into the subject further and open their eyes to the true reality of this so-called 'scientific' procedure. Films such as this will further the cause to wake up the unknowing public in to seeing through the propaganda and medical control of the drug industry and bring some hope for the children of tomorrow.

Magda Taylor, Director of The Informed Parent, UK

I want to say that in my 20 years of the vaccine battle and the many many documentaries I have watched this is one of the most superior! There is no middle ground of "But vaccines are safe" that many American videos do. We Don't Vaccinate is taking every single myth and 100 years of vaccine medical brainwashing done and addressing it.

Robin Saxton Goffe, Mother of an autistic child and Family Herbalist