Plastic Case with 33mm grid for 30ml Dropper Bottles

  • Dimensions -  285 x 260 x 115mm
  • Contains 33mm grid system
  • Holds 40 bottles
  • Locking latches to secure the case shut

Constructed from lightweight durable polypropylene, these medium sized plastic cases have been specifically introduced for the extremely popular 30ml dropper bottle, the case contains an internal grid system to securely hold up to 40 dropper bottles.

The 33mm grid system is constructed from hand cut fibreboard strips that slot together to create 33mm square holes, each holding 1 x 30mm diameter bottles.

The two red locking latches ensure the case does not open in transit, these open by pressing the identifying triangles on the latches inwards.

This case and grid will hold the following bottles from our range:

  • D30 - 30ml Moulded Glass Dropper Bottle

Alternative grids are available for this case to hold different sized bottles.

If you have bottles that are not sourced from our range and would like to know which grid will fit your needs, simply call us on 01263 588788 and we will be more than happy to help.