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CD - Orion Navigator Series by Mike Bridger


This CD consists of live recordings of the Orion course that Mike Bridger, a homeopath with over twenty years experience, teaches in England, Ireland and Finland. Using case mapping, Mike shows how it is possible to view treatment as a process moving through a number of remedies rather than always a search for a single one.

A very useful tool for those new or fairly new to practice who wish to be able to predict where a case may go. Great for practising with confidence from the outset.

Orion 1

Part 1 of the series includes:

  • Introduction to case and remedy mapping
  • Relationship of remedies: acute/chronic (part 1)
  • Active miasms
  • Phosphorous - a remedy map
  • Nosodes, aggravations and repetition
  • Disease as conflict
Orion 2

Part 2 of the series includes:

  • Relationship of remedies: acute/chronic (part 2)
  • Heart Therapeutics including: Digitalis, Cactus, Naja, Spartium, Arsenicum, Lactrodectus, Antimonium tartaricum, Laurocerasus
  • Thuja: Map of related remedies including: Medorrhinum, Carcinosin, Tuberculinum, Arsenicum, Anacardium, Pulsatilla, Cannabis