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Cerato Bach Flower Essence - 10ml

Cerato types distrust their own judgement, as they are unable to hear their inner voice. Needing constant reassurance, they feel the need to ask for advice so may appear gullible and foolish to others.

Cerato types mistrust their own decisions and often feel the need to ask for advice. They can appear gullible,  in need of approval and lacking in concentration. Their identity seems weak and they often follow the latest trends. Cerato essence can bring trust in the "inner voice". With increased belief in a sense of judgement comes the ability to act wisely and with conviction. There is renewed enthusiasm for life and an eagerness to learn

Indications for using Cerato:

  • For those who have made a decision, but then feel the need to talk it over with friends
  • For those who feel undermined by other's differing opinions
  • For the adolescent who is following the crowd or the latest cult
  • For those who ask advice, but never seem to act on it.
  • For those who always do the right thing rather than what they want