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Set of Chakra Workshop CDs – Lee Pollack

In this series of CDs, Lee Pollack, homeopath and energy healer for over 12 years, explores the chakra system with specific reference to homeopathy.

Each CD contains one of a series of lectures in which she looks at each of the charkas in turn. She examines the energetic significance of each chakra and how an energy disturbance might be expressed as physical, mental and emotional influences on the patient. Also provides insight into more unusual remedies relating to each chakra. A fascinating and informative set, this is a good starting point for anyone new to the chakra system and those who wish to deepen their knowledge.

The 8 set of lectures CDs include Base, The start of the journey. Brow, Learn messages from higher energy levels. Crown, Chakra system and its relationship by healing. Heart,The Heart Chakra is the centre of love. Sacral, learn about ourselves through relating to others. Solar, Our sense of power, worth and self-esteem. Throat, Represents our point of choice. Thymus, Covers our deepest grief and immune system.