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Cherry Plum Bach Flower Essence - 10ml

People who need Cherry Plum can dread losing control, as they are afraid of doing awful things against their will. They are like a volcano ready to erupt, finding it difficult to curb their behaviour and relax.

Cherry Plum people may have fearful thoughts and irrational, uncontrolled outbreaks of temper; with a fear of doing things they do not really want to do and consequently find it difficult to "let go" of a current situation. Cherry Plum essence can bring the ability to control behaviour and give a renewed connection to inner strength. Serenity and inner peace can grow while learning to live more spontaneously and with greater confidence.

Indications for using Cherry Plum:

  • For a child who wets the bed
  • For those who experience extreme tension, and may have an uncontrollable temper