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Chicory Bach Flower Essence - 10ml

Chicory types need constant attention and appreciation, so are demanding and interfering in the lives of loved ones. Seemingly caring, they often use emotional blackmail or self pity to get what they want.

Chicory people can appear loving, kind and generous but need to be appreciated. They are manipulative and self-pitying, and consider it the duty of loved ones to stay close by as they require constant attention. Critical of others, they find it difficult to let go and may use emotional blackmail to stay in control. The Chicory essence can bring forth genuine feelings of love and devotion, along with the ability to care for others without expecting or needing anything in return.

Indications for using Chicory:

  • For the pet, child or baby who demands attention all the time
  • For those who are over-possessive of their friends and family
  • For those who are critical of the smallest things