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Clematis Bach Flower Essence - 10ml

Clematis people appear bored and empty headed, as their thoughts are usually elsewhere. They have very little interest in life, a poor memory and may need a lot of sleep. Lacking vitality and usually pale, they can appear vague and spaced out, and they are often very idealistic or impractical. The Clematis essence brings forth the expression of a renewed interest in life and assists thoughts to become more focused and realistic. It is often indicated for artistic people, who will consequently find themselves becoming more productive.

Indications for using Clematis:

  • For those are forgetful or always bumping into things
  • For those trying to release their creative powers and are in need of inspiration
  • For those who like to daydream and spend to much time living in a fantasy
  • For the child who spends most of gazing out of the window
  • Helpful for women before the start of their period
  • For those who have amazing ideas, but then take no action to make them happen