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Crab Apple Bach Flower Essence - 10ml

People who need Crab Apple can see themselves as unclean, which causes them deep shame. They can become obsessive over trivialities and so lose their perspective on life.

This is the essence for cleansing and eliminating toxicity on all levels. Crab Apple types can feel deep self-disgust or shame, and feel the need for purification. They can become obsessional and have fixations: they may think their nose is too big, for instance, or feel dirty over some act and have to wash every five minutes. The Crab Apple essence is cleansing, and also helpful for seeing life in its true perspective.

Indications for using Crab Apple:

  • When there is a need for physical cleansing, as in cases of skin problems or spots
  • For those who feel disgust at normal everyday physical contact
  • For those who can feel contaminated
  • For those who are preoccupied with changing their appearance