Dispensing Starter Pack

  • Not sure where to start? This pack has been designed for students and new practitioners as a convenient way of purchasing a few of the items, so that you can try them out before ordering larger quantities.

    It contains everything you are likely to require when dispensing remedies: our most frequently requested sizes of pillules, bottles, labels, and an array of samples.

  • The DSP contains:

    1. DPB x 1 The Dispensing Pocket Book, by S Thornton  
    2. S10 X 10 8g Glass Bottle
    3. S5 X 10 4g Glass Bottle
    4. S1SC x 5 2g Clear Glass vial with Screw Cap
    5. S1 x 5 Clear glass vial with PUSH IN plug
    6. DA5 x 5 Dropper Assemblies (for S5 bottles)
    7. DA10 x 5 Dropper Assemblies (for S10 bottles)
    8. D30 x 1 30ml Amber Moulded Dropper Bottle
    9. NDD x 2 Plastic Pillule Tube 4g
    10. PILLP x 2 Pill Pot
    11. PS2SK x 5 2ml Plastic Vial with push on cap
    12. PS1P x 5 1ml Plastic Vial with push in plug
    13. PS5 x 2 5ml Screw Cap Vial, clear plastic
    14. PTB x 1 16ml Screw Cap Bottle, amber plastic
    15. PF x 1 Plastic Funnel
    16. LGM x 2 Powder Free Latex Gloves Medium
    17. SL56 x 1 250 grams Sucrose Pillules, 3mm diameter
    18. A1, B, E Labels: 1 Sheet of each
    19. WM1 x 20 WHITE envelope
    20. M1 x 20 Manilla envelope
    21. P1 x 100 Plastic envelopes WITH WHITE STRIPS
    22. T1, SL22, SL84, ST1, ST2, XYL Samples of alternative pillule types (ST1 & ST2 contain a wheat binder)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gail T.
First order

Very impressed. I’m in my final year as a homeopathy student. Ordered my first lot of supplies with trepidation. The starter kit was wonderful - it gave me the opportunity to see what is available, the actual sizes etc. Efficient, friendly service. I emailed about an out of stock item and had a very swift reply to say it was back in stock. I’m just about to order it now.

Betty B.
Starter Pack and test the products.

I am new client, I order the dispensing Started pack and I am very pleased with the service, fast shipping and good package.The started pack is very good, samplers of the basic most useful products and very well combine,labelled clearly and with a booklet and stickers too. A good value for money! Very good for students and for client that want to try different samplers. I am very please with the purchase and I am looking to place the next order. Thank you HSC

I M.
Homeopathy starter pack.

Carefully packed and quickly delivered very happy with my first dispensing pack.

Hannah W.
Dispensing starter pack

Excellent value for money. I found it really useful to see the size of the bottles etc and to find which would suit me most.

Livia Z.

Dispensing Starter Pack