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Elm Bach Flower Essence - 10ml

People who need Elm are usually strong, sensitive, indispensable people who work in a caring way. Their extreme efforts to function at a high level can make them feel temporarily exhausted by their responsibilities.

Elm people may become overwhelmed by a sense of over-responsibility. They are usually sensitive, strong and capable people and often work in a caring profession. However, exhaustion, due to extreme efforts to function with perfection, can sometimes lay them temporarily low. The Elm essence can bring forth the expression of confidence, the ability to cope and a strong sense of inner reliability.

Indications for using Elm:

  • For the carer who works, looks after the children and does the housework
  • For those who feel overwhelmed with the burden of work
  • For those who may become despondent at the responsibility of their task
  • For those who may have over-extended their commitments