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Health: The Only Immunity - Ian Sinclair

This booklet is based upon natural health philosophy and presents a clear and simple explanation on how to prevent childhood illness and how to keep children in peak and physical health - all without drugs and vaccines.

Customer Reviews

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My favourite book to explain the Homeopathic perspective on vaccination!

This book starts with the premise - "Your body is amazing!" When parents ask me about vaccination, they are NOT usually asking for a complicated book about all the pros and cons, according to up to date science etc. I have detailed books giving the ingredients of individual vaccines and I can even talk about the HeLa cells and their original procurement without consent - but that's not usually that helpful. What parents generally want is some positive, common sense that reassures them that the human body, if nurtured as well as possible, might just do the job! Where health is already compromised and extra challenges are faced - that's where Homeopathy can step in, supporting the immune system and the vital force! (see aphorism 9 of the Organon) Easy to read and with a very simple, well-put message. My most borrowed book! They 'get' where we are coming from and we can work together, whatever their choices within this framework!

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I've had this book - and researched to find more for my children when they grew of age, which is how I found this site - for at least twenty years. It is the book that I always recommend to people when they start researching as it is so very easy to read and understand, complete with resources, and small enough that one could fit it in ones pocket!

Paul W.
Amazing and easy to read!

This is a must read for everyone, especially parents! Its written in an easy to read format. I would definitely recommend!