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The Link – by Doris Beauchamp

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NEW 2nd Revised Edition 2013.

A connection can certainly be made between every disease and an imbalance in the gut flora€. This is a detailed book linking the bowel nosodes to iridology, the energetic bodies, the chakras, colours, glands, flower essences, remedies, tissue salts, even astrological signs.

Incorporating so many areas of interest allows this book to appeal and relate to a wide audience. Well laid out, it has clear contents, index, tables, and charts to allow for easy reference.

Customer Reviews

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Zac C.

This book is truly a must have for anyone studying homeopathy. I would say it leans more towards practical homeopathy but a great read for any homeopath!!

Sally G.
Great book to have on the desk

I really like all aspects in this book... it adds another dimension to prescribing.

Aliya c.
I am hooked on this book

I have learnt so much from this book. It brings in so many different disciplines into one book and connects them to homeopathy esp bowel nosodes. It really expands your scope in treating your patient holistically with confidence.

Sue C.
The Link

This book is fantastic. It pulls everything together. Well worth a read.