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Honeysuckle Bach Flower Essence - 10ml

The Honeysuckle person is unable to forget their past; tending to be wistful and nostalgic, they glorify the past and yearn to be there €” perhaps with long-lost loved ones or simply just back in what they are sure were "the good old days".

Honeysuckle essence may be given to release troublesome, unhappy memories, for instance in cases of bereavement, or to comfort chronic homesickness. This essence can bring forth the ability to learn from past experiences, and then to let them go. Honeysuckle helps people to live in the present with interest and enthusiasm, and with a forward-looking attitude.

Indications for using Honeysuckle:

  • For homesickness, for those who are going away to school or college, or moving house
  • For those who are unable to make plans for the future
  • If there are difficulties in resolving a phobia, add Honeysuckle essence to a combination to help dissolve the memory of the original traumatic event and help to release any fear in the present