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Larch Bach Flower Essence - 10ml

People needing Larch lack confidence in themselves and have an air of false modesty. They see themselves as inferior, believing they are not as capable as others. Fearing failure they do not even try, always thinking €œI cant€.

Larch people believe themselves to be inferior and lack the confidence to do the activities they see others doing. They display an air of `false modesty" and, expecting to fail at things, never even try, their internal message being "I can't". They can appear self-effacing, passive and lacking in determination . The Larch essence can bring forth the expression of objectivity and perseverance. With each new small success, self-confidence grows.

Indications for using Larch:

  • Larch is helpful for everyone at one time or another
  • For those who believe everyone is better "qualified" than they are
  • For those who may fear failure
  • This state can originate from traumas earlier in life