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Mimulus Bach Flower Essence - 10ml

Mimulus types are shy, timid and reserved. They find many things in life frightening but keep their anxieties private. They are often nervous, afraid to be alone and can easily blush or stammer.

Mimulus people are shy, timid and reserved.. They are sensitive and find life frightening but keep their fears private. They are often nervous and afraid to be alone. Mimulus is the essence for worries, over spiders, the dark, or knives. This essence can bring forth the expression of courage, and understanding, but without loss  of sensitivity.

Indications for using Mimulus:

  • For a child who seems reluctant to play games with other children
  • For those who tend to blush, have a stammer or whose hands become clammy
  • Mimulus with Aspen can be used to both of the fear types, known and unknown

Customer Reviews

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Sallie P.

Just what i need to calm my sheep while i shear them. If only I could remember where I put it.