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One Earth | Three Worlds – Julian Carlyon

Mystics of all traditions speak of the unity that lies behind all things.

Scientists seek to define the laws that govern matter and energy.

But neither approach accounts satisfactorily for the world of imagination, ritual, and creativity, for the inexplicable connections found in precognition, for the uncanny accuracy of oracles like the I Ching, or for the effectiveness of healing modalities like homeopathy.

In One Earth | Three Worlds, Julian Carlyon draws on quantum theory, Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity, the work of scientists Rupert Sheldrake and David Bohm, and ancient Chinese wisdom, to better understand how the unity lying behind all life might manifest itself in the daily-life world of our experience.

Through his schema of ‘oneness world,’ ‘twoness world,’ and ‘intermediary world,’ the author draws together such diverse threads as quantum entanglement, synchronicity, similarity and analogy, homeopathy, healing, dreams, creativity, free choice and destiny, spiritual unity, movement practice and the body.

In doing so, he offers a way to appreciate how spiritual and scientific perspectives can exist alongside one another— a way to see how the unity behind everything can show up and work its magic in the physical reality of our lives.

This is a book for anyone - scientist, therapist, creative artist, healer, eco-activist or enquirer - curious about how our world works and how to reconcile our apparently conflicting approaches to reality.

Customer Reviews

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A fascinating book that I was daunted by at first

Not a bedtime read as it requires full concentration.
Julian has cleverly brought together different concepts of energy, in science, medicine and spirituality to show how they all fit together. He helps us to understand how all the different aspects energy intertwine and influence each other and, therefore, us.