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Personal Strength


Personal Strength (made with Oak Essence) Can be used by adults and children at times of trouble or adversity or with issues of self-image and lack of confidence.

A message from SerSu Therapeutics

In 2008 when Ireland was in turmoil because of the Financial Crisis, New Vistas (Limerick) asked Sersu Essences for a spray to help those who’d been hit and the many others who were surrounded by so much misery.

Covid 19 has put us in a similar position. We need to stay strong in spite of the fear and anxiety around us. We need to be able to support others without getting despondent, to give a long distance hug, without experiencing all the pain.

Sersu Personal Strength is based on Oak Essence which is all about strength.
This particular Oak is in Hyde Park in London, an oasis of calm in the centre of a cosmopolitan city.

Personal Strength is designed to help you be:

  • Strong when others demand your energy
  • Brave in difficult circumstances
  • Resourceful in times of insecurity