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Pine Bach Flower Essence - 10ml

People who need Pine have low self esteem and always feel they could have done better. They tend to feel guilty and be over-apologetic, as they may even feel responsible for other people's mistakes.

Pine people are of an apologetic and introverted nature. They feel responsible for the mistakes of others and have high expectations of themselves .These people find it difficult to accept anything (including love), as their self-esteem is so low. With such deep feelings of unworthiness they may unconsciously seek self-punishment. This essence can bring forth the expression of inner forgiveness, self-worth and strength. Those needing Pine can begin to admit their faults with compassion for themselves and to have genuine regret rather than guilt.

Indications for using Pine:

  • For those who always feel they could have done better
  • For those who are always saying sorry when it is not their fault