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Rock Rose Bach Flower Essence - 10ml

Rock Rose types are extremely sensitive and their energy is easily depleted. They can suffer deep anxiety, which may be difficult to release. An ideal choice for nightmares, and for use in a crisis.

Rock Rose people are extremely open and sensitive individuals and can suffer deep fears, usually on unseen levels that are difficult to penetrate. Often drawn to a life of service to others, these people are capable of great self-sacrifice and, in times of hardship, of superhuman courage. Rock Rose essence is ideal for people who suffer from nightmares or who are taking drugs, and is indicated whenever there is great terror or panic. It is an ingredient in all rescue or emergency formulas.

Indications for using Rock Rose:

  • For those with blank and staring eyes
  • For those who easily lose control and become hysterical
  • For those who become paralysed with fear and may be unable to act
  • For those with a drug problem