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Rock Water Bach Flower Essence - 10ml

People in the Rock Water state are full of self-judgment and find it hard to be kind to themselves. Often having high self imposed standards, they expect perfection, and find it difficult to relax and enjoy life.

Rock Water people practise self-denial and are very hard on themselves, suppressing basic human needs .They can be highly disciplined, and often they set themselves very high standards for living. When they cant reach these they judge themselves, as they are apparently aiming to be perfect in this human life. The Rock Water essence can bring kindliness, and understanding, particularly to themselves.

Indications for using Rock Water:

  • The need to be seen as perfect, and judge themselves if they fail
  • For those who are hard taskmasters to themselves
  • For those who are rigid in their natures, often with stiffness
  • For those who find it difficult to relax and enjoy themselves