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SerSu Pollution Protection


SerSu Essences Pollution Protection (made with Holly Essence) deals with the various negative effects of indoor and outdoor environmental elements. It is recommended for people bothered by:

  • Vehicle exhausts - diesel and petrol
  • Off-gassing from new furniture and synthetic materials
  • Dust, pollens, moulds and heavily perfumed flowers
  • Aircraft pollution and factory emissions
  • Fumes from gas, oil, poorly serviced air-conditioning and central heating systems
  • Insecticides, paints and varnishes, cleaning fluids
  • Glue, foam, latex, new wood and wood treatments
  • Dry rot treatments, damp proof courses, construction chemicals, insulation materials

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stela S.
Very effective

I was using allergy tables throughout the year, for years. On bad days (and there were a lot of those) I had to take three tablets a day as one a day would not be effective. I heard about Pollution Protection from a friend and decided to try it. I could not believe how effective the spray is as only used one or two tablets in the month I had the spray. The spray works amazingly well and long may it last. Not to mention the money saved on the meds! Very happy I had tried this product.

Carol R.
Great product

Really great transaction and a great product.

Mark H.
This product helped me more than anything else on the market!

I first heard about this product over 10 years ago, at the time I suffered from hay fever horrendously, no over the counter medical product I tried ever made a difference, so I tried the 15ml spray, spraying a couple of times a day on my wrists and around my aura, within a week of using SERSU my hay fever had stopped, I mean stopped! and a decade on from first using this I'm still having happy summers symptom free.