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Something in the Water by Sue Lanzon

Something in the Water offers an unusual insight into the practice of homeopathy through a collection of stories taken from the real life and work of a contemporary homeopath.

Ranging from the streets of South London to the shores of a Greek Island, Sue Lanzon negotiates the minefield of current therapeutic expectations with wit, candour and a shrewd awareness of the complexity of human communication.

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"I absolutely love this book, it is so well written - the language and structure of the sentences are beautifully crafted - the stories are of life in all its poignancy and richness. We have snapshots of people and the author with both their qualities and their frailties. It is not a treatise preaching the scientific validity of homeopathy, instead it is a journey into the world of the everyday where life reflects the remedies and where only ignorance keeps us trapped in our suffering." - Robert Barker