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Star Of Bethlehem Bach Flower Essence - 10ml

Star of Bethlehem is used to soothe the system after extreme upsets. Even after many years, such impacts still affect our energetic levels adversely. This remedy can help to re-orientate our systems correctly.

Star of Bethlehem people have had traumatic experiences, the after effects of which can still be felt years later. Should the body's life-force be blocked by shock, the natural healing processes will find it difficult to function. This essence can release the body's own healing energies, allowing them to work more effectively. Star of Bethlehem is known as the comforter and soother of sorrows.

Indications for using Star of Bethlehem:

  • For those who cannot get over a loss
  • For those who cannot be comforted and are unable to cry
  • This is a helpful essence to add to the first treatment bottle