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Inner Treasure Chakra Meditations CD – Lee Pollack

Eight Meditations to help you get in touch with the 7 chakras plus the Thymus. Chakras are energy points on the body. They are responsible for our physical, mental and emotional well being. The following are guided meditations throughout each chakra.

Base chakra: Security, foundations, roots, organisation

Sacral chakra: Lower creative centre, relationship to others, food, sex and money

Solar Plexus: Relationship to ourselves, self-worth, self-esteem

Heart chakra: Love, compassion, forgiveness

Thymus: Overspill from the heart from deep grief, and the immune system

Throat chakra: Higher creative centre, expression, choice, 'third ear'

Brow chakra: Intuition, vision, 'third eye'

Crown chakra: Connection/reconnection to Source