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Vine Bach Flower Essence - 10ml

People in the Vine state are dominating and take control of situations. They can be hard-hearted bullies, but the real reason they lack compassion is often to protect some inner weakness.

Vine people may be domineering, unscrupulous, ruthless and cruel, perhaps to disguise a weak inner centre. The Vine essence is ideal for individuals who crave power, and for those who are controlling and bully others. It is also helpful when suffering from mental and physical inflexibility. This essence can bring forth inner strength, natural authority in teachers and leaders, and respect for others.

Indications for using Vine:

  • For the child who is a bully at school and on the street
  • For those who give orders and expect instant obedience
  • For those who order others about, even when illFor those who dominate the weak